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We visited France in June 2005 and did a first time whirlwind tour. I hope you enjoy the gallery. The tower was contructed in 1884 as a temporary building a exposition. The tower corners are 125 wide. An unusual view from the ground at twilight. The tower reaches almost 321 metres and was the tallest building at the time.
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View of the Seine and the Trocaadero to the right. Le Mont St Michele rises 150 metres above sea level. The Mont was the only area in Western France to not fall to the English invaders.

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Chateau d' Angier was rebuilt in the 1200's on the Roman foundations. It houses the Tenture de l' Apocalpyse, a tapestry 5 metres tall by 168 metres long. It was truely amazing. Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire valley. The Chateau's unique position across the river Cher was useful in the Second World War. The entrance at right was German occupied but the opposite bank was Vichy France. This allowed a number of people to flee the Nazi occupied zone. Catherine Medici had this gallery contructed on a bridge that spans the river. This area served as a hospital during the First World War. The door at the end opens into what was the Vichy administered zone. The Chateau was built in the early 1500's.
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Past the gardens. Cognac, north of Bordeau, in the cellars of the Hennessy company. Cognac, is on the Charente river and was a Protestant stronghold during the wars of religion.
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Rocamadour. Carcassonne, fortified town in the southwest. A sleepy morining in Carcassonne. Avignon, in the south was home to the French popes during the 1300's. Palais des Papes at dusk.
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Ivey and flowers adding a mellow touch to the south.

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Chalon sur Saone, local resident J N Neipce was an early pioneer in photography. He made the first permanent photograph. Paris. Cannes. Market day in Beaune(just north of Lyon,west of Switzerland)
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Beaune. Chicken and rabbit. Beaune. Yum yum. Beaune. Service with a smile. Beaune. Lunch in the making. Bordeau, evening stroll and people watching in this western city.
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Cannes, watching the day go by. Cannes, shopping takes on a team approach. Fontainebleau, home to many of the kings of France was the favoured home of Napolean. Fontainebleau, was a hunting lodge and the decor often reflects a male senibility.
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Fontainebleau, the throne room.
Paris, Pont Alexandre, late days sun. Paris, many literature vendors line the banks of the Seine. Paris, along the Seine.
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Paris, the Seine. Twenty somethings are completely obsessed with the games on their cell phones. Every town seems to have an army of disconnected souls. They trudge along literally banging into things along the way. Paris, children try a bit of sailing in the Tuileries Gardens adjacent to the Louvre Palace. Paris, time for the adults to grab a refreshment in the shade. Paris, Place de la Concorde. Paris, Place de la Concorde. Louis 16th and other victims of the reign of terror were guillotined near this area.
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Paris, Les Invalides, Eglise du Dome. This church houses the remains of Napoleon and a number of Generals and Marshals. Paris, Les Invalides, Eglise du Dome. Napoleon's tomb is actually seven coffins one insider the other. Paris, Les Invalides, Cour d' Honneur. Inner courtyard where Napoleon would parade his troops. Paris, Notre Dame. Notre Dame interior detail.
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Rollerblade busking on a bridge near Notre Dame. Late afternoon sun along the Seine. Thanks for visiting I hope you had fun.    

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